SnoPro Scandinavia Rules 2018

If youre unshure about rules send a email to and we will answer when we got the time.

Formula 400cc
# Chassi Polaris Indy IFS -81 till -97
# Hood seat belly fueltank choose youre own style.
# Front width max 114cm 
# Carbide coromant lenght 6"
# Ski fre model
# Track lenght 121" (307cm).
# Boggi (rear suspension) Polaris rails free modification stock idler wheel size.
# Max numbers of studs 144st meaning 3/row on a 121 track.
# Studpattern is free. 10mm outside lugs.
# Clutch is free as long its stock diameter.
# Motor/Engine choose youre brand. (FLÄKTKYLD) FANCOOLED MAX 400cc pure stock engine( standard motor).
No internal engine modification.
# No higher compression or high octane fuel.
# Downstroke or bore an engine to 400cc is ok. But keep it simple so you dont end up at the garage instead being out on the track!
# Max of 2 carburators free size.
# Exhaust system is free.

Also look at the regulations for general safety rules !

Have fun build and at the race ! 

Formula 500
Max 500 kubik stock engines.
Engines changes is only allowed with in youre brand and under 500cc.
No engine works are allowed, no higher compression, decking porting are not allowed.
# Ignition are stock.
# Original reeds
# Exhaust system original. 
# Stock carbs.  #Clutches: Changing brand is ok. Not allowed to change to bigger diameter.
# Stock chaincase mount no rolling over.
# Stock drive wheel sixe or smaller.
# Rear suspension should have stock idler wheel size and original rails. Than youre free to modify.
# Max with in front suspension 114cm .
# Fuel tank and seat can be modified for drivers comfort.
# Skis are free. If you use steelskis you should mount a softer damper material. Carbide maximun of 10" coromant lenght.
# Tracks should be original lenght. No R-Tracks in Stock 500 or cleated tracks. Ok to mount mount more track clips.
# Footrest ok to use
# Cooler can be transfered to a better or safer working place if youre sled gets to warm.

Pro Mod outlaw one lunger or 2-3cyl max 300cc.
# Chassi: Leafspring chassie (bladfjädrat chassie) 
# Motor/engine: Crankcase from snowmobile free cc for one lunger. 
2-3 cylinders 300cc.
Fuel free. 

A engine builders dream class ! 


# Chassi: Free model of leafspring chassie (Bladfjädrad) 
# Motor/Engine: 
Engines before 1985 or same model that was used before 1985 can run free carb size and have no cc size limit.
Engines after 1985 are only Liqiud cooled (vätskekylda) 500cc and 2x34 carbs or 570cc Fancooled and 2x34 mm carbs allowed.
Cylinder cranks and heads are free to modified. 
Carbs, pipes, ignition free of use
Fuel free of use.

Also look at the regulations for general safety rules !

340 IFS 
# Chassi: Sleds with independent front system, IFS, Tube shocks, LVS, LFS .

Maximum 380cc L/C, or 570cc F/C . F/C engine 2x34 carbs

Also look at the regulations for general safety rules !

IFS Snopro X

Chassi: Sleds with independent front system, IFS, Tube shocks, LVS, LFS .
# Motor/Engine: Engines before 1985 model that was used before 1985 can run free carb size and have no cc size limit. 
# Engines after 1985 are only Liqiud cooled (vätskekylda) 500cc and 2x34 carbs allowed. Or 570cc Fancooled and 2x34 mm carbs allowed.
# Cylinder cranks and heads are free to modified. Carbs, pipes, ignition free of use. Fuel free of use.
# Leaf spring sled that fits within the rules of engine could join this class!     
Also look at the regulations for general safety rules.                                                                

General rules 
# Chassi need to have a covered plate protection in rear and on the side that covers down to halv idler wheel.  OBS this will be checked at tech before racing begins !

# Boggie/rear suspension:Wheel or slid rails. On all classes except Stock 500 you can change diameter on wheels.
# Lubrications should be wascherfluid (spolarvätska).
# Track: choose a good track that fits youre combo, cleated track must be checked extra after every practice or race for cracked cleats. In Stock 500 the track needs to be stock lenght.
# Carbide : Max 60" , Coromant, Hardox or other hard metall.
# Skis: Free modell, Skiloops that is not plastic must have soft material wrapped around.
# Suspension is free of use.
# Front suspension: 
Make shure youre steering isnt loose. Feel the movement and replace worn out uniballs and bolts. 
# Steering and handelbar after drivers comfort.
Steering post can be moved for better handling and comfort except for Stock 500 and F400 that can only put it forward.
# Studs: Max of 10mm outside of lugs. 30graders angle. Free numbers of studs exept for Formula 400 class that can only use 144 studs.
# Clutches free (except Stock 500 and F400 that need stock size.
# Lubesystem: With wascher fluid.
# Clutchguard: Should cover everything.
# Seat: Free for drivers comfort.
# Fuelank: Free size in all classes. 
# Transmission is free in all classes except for F400 and Stock 500 that needs to use original type and place.
# Breaks: Could be modified to better brakes in all classes.
# Taillight: Min 21 Watt or better.
Led is approved.
# Sharp edges should be padded by soft material.
# Hood or belly is free of use. Stock 500 is the only class that needs original type of hood.

# If you have questions please ask before.

We want this to be the number one sled sport in the future and thats why we want all of the racers to show upp with nice beautyful builds and nice looking grafiks on there sleds. We dont want this to looks like "junkyard racing" sport.

Safety / for all classes:
# Working teather/kill swift.
# Taillight. Min 21watt. A good thing is to mount battery lights so even if the sled stops drivers can see the sled. 
# Working breaks.
# Look over front suspension one more time. Try to minimise clearance and movements before entering a race.
Bolts get worned so do uniballs, bushing, steering arms and axles.
# Tunnel should have plate in back so nobody get hurt from the studs and the track.
# In the pit and paddock we use teather/kill swift and when we warm sleds up we use a covered warmup stand that is connekted to tunnel. 


Drivers safety gear:
Approved helmet. That cover eyes and teeth. No vintage helmets.
#No opened helmets alloved. 
#Back and front chest protection. 
#Neck breace. Is not a rule but we want you to have that to minimize.
#Shoulder and knee and armbow protection. 
# Think that ice is hard. # Sleed with studs will chew you up and carbide will slice you apport so use good safety gears.
# Its youre life and we all want to you to stay safe out there. 
# Its better you have to much safety eqiupment than hurt youre self.
# Before you become a racers or you show up on raceday you must have had the apportunity to test youre sled and be well preppered and have a lots of practice sessions before you enter a competition. 

Use enviroment track underneeth in pit area.
Clean youre pit area either you practice or you race ! 

Oil or other kem producs is not ok to spill out in youre pit area or on the track. 

Be cool build fast good looking sleds but stay safe and look out for eachother and have fun doing this !!!

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